The New Come up Bradley Zimmer has made his mark early for the Indians.


The Indians new center fielder Bradley Zimmer has made his mark on the Indians already in his second MLB game of his career as he crushes a home run off of the Tampa Bay’s Alex Colome.

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Cavs dominate game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals


The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics had their game one of the Eastern Conference Finals last night. As most expected, the Cavs dominated once again with an amazing win of 117-104 with a (1-0) lead.

“I believe that the Cavs will not sweep the Celtics in this last series. The Celtics have too much skill to not win one game against them. Especially with Isiah Thomas and how aggressive he is against any player he is put up against. The cavs win this series but the Celtics will not go down without a fight.” said Colin Landals (11). Continue reading “Cavs dominate game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals”

A Rough Start for Wadsworth boys Lacrosse.


On March 27th, marked the first game of the 2017 Wadsworth Lacrosse season starting with a massive sweep against the Avon Lake (15-3).  Although Wadsworth took home the dub on the first game, the next seven weren’t so nice.  Through March 30th up to April 5th, Wadsworth had lost every lacrosse game against St. Vincent-Mary (7-6) and St. John’s Jesuit (7-2), until finally on April 7th against the Medina Bees it was tie with a score of (0-0).  For the next four games, Wadsworth continued their losing streak from April 7th until April 20th losing against Olmsted Falls (10-6), Brunswick (10-5), Medina (18-4) and Strongsville (18-4).

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The Grizzlies look to take on the playoffs


The Wadsworth Grizzlies are looking forward to their tournament play this season. The Grizzlies were supposed to play on Thursday, May 12 but due to weather conditions, the game was pushed back two days to Saturday, May 13. They will take on the Copley Indians in the first round of the playoffs and the team is walking into the tournament pretty confident after a 12-2 win against the Highland Hornets on Wednesday.

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Can the Cavs repeat like last year?


The Cleveland Cavaliers are off to an amazing and strong start in this year’s playoffs and need to continue what they have in order to get to the finals. With a (4-0) sweep of the Indiana Pacers and a (4-0) sweep of the Toronto Raptors, the Cavs are doing the same thing as they did last year. The next team they will play will either be against Washington Wizards or the Boston Celtics. Continue reading “Can the Cavs repeat like last year?”

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