A Rough Start for Wadsworth boys Lacrosse.


On March 27th, marked the first game of the 2017 Wadsworth Lacrosse season starting with a massive sweep against the Avon Lake (15-3).  Although Wadsworth took home the dub on the first game, the next seven weren’t so nice.  Through March 30th up to April 5th, Wadsworth had lost every lacrosse game against St. Vincent-Mary (7-6) and St. John’s Jesuit (7-2), until finally on April 7th against the Medina Bees it was tie with a score of (0-0).  For the next four games, Wadsworth continued their losing streak from April 7th until April 20th losing against Olmsted Falls (10-6), Brunswick (10-5), Medina (18-4) and Strongsville (18-4).

Ben Huskins (11), a midfield player of the Wadsworth Lacrosse Team shared some of his insight on this years season so far saying, “I think this year has been kinda rough.  Our start to the season was not how I thought it would go losing seven games in a row but I think we might be able to pull it through.  After losing some of our strongest players that were seniors last year it has been rough to beat some teams in the district.”

Displaying IMG_5806.PNG
Matt Edurese (11), on the left is playing midfield against a Hoban defender.

After losing some of our strongest players that have moved on to college such as Nick Hassinger and Graham Blind the Wadsworth Lacrosse team has hit a bit of a rough patch. Nick is now playing lacrosse for Otterbein University and is 15th in the lacrosse roster.  Graham Blind has given up his lacrosse career to pursue his education at the Ohio State University.

Eric Ligas (11), another midfield player of the Wadsworth Lacrosse Team shared what he thought about this year’s season in these words, “I think our team has done the best we can this season. Starting off the new season was hard but that’s only because we are playing college level lacrosse teams now that are in the top of the district.”

Although the Wadsworth 2017 Boy’s Lacrosse season has not been the best, we still have to wait and see how districts with the guys and girls lacrosse teams work out.


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