Lady Grizzlies in playoff pursuit

Unlike last year, the Lady Grizzlies softball team was able to make it past the first round of the playoffs. The team was determined not to have a repeat of last year where they were defeated in the first round. After receiving a bye in the first round because they were seeded second in the tournament, the girls knew that they had to come out swinging. They were scheduled to play the winner of Stow and Cuyahoga Falls. Stow won this game by a rather large margin and had the momentum going their way. You could tell that they came into this game with their spirits high and ready to play. Cassidy McDougal of the Grizzlies said, “Stow came into this game all fired up. Even though we had home field advantage, Stow was the first to score and that worried us a bit.” Stow took an early 1-0 lead as the Grizzlies didn’t quite seem to be gelling and the hits weren’t coming like they should have been. Sarah Keating was on the mound for the Grizzlies and after struggling just a bit at the beginning, she was able to keep Stow from getting many hits as the game went on. The Grizzlies rallied in the fifth inning earning five runs and the momentum shift had taken place. Corynn Rench explained, “Once we started hitting, there was no turning back. The Stow dugout suddenly became pretty quiet.” While they did give up one more run, the Grizzlies went on to defeat Stow by a score of 5-2. There is a lot of talent on this team and they have the ability to go very far in this playoff run this year. The Grizzlies next game will be in one week, most likely against Highland. They know that no matter who the opponent is, they can not let their guard down and must keep the momentum going. They are determined to make this the year of the Lady Grizzlies.

The Grizzlies Work as hard as they can in Playoff game 1 to advance to the championship bracket. 

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