Can the Cavs repeat like last year?


The Cleveland Cavaliers are off to an amazing and strong start in this year’s playoffs and need to continue what they have in order to get to the finals. With a (4-0) sweep of the Indiana Pacers and a (4-0) sweep of the Toronto Raptors, the Cavs are doing the same thing as they did last year. The next team they will play will either be against Washington Wizards or the Boston Celtics.

Tony Hewitt (11), said “The fact that the Cavs just swept two teams back to back means that they are on their game. They now have more than enough time to rest up and practice. I know they can beat both Wizards and Celtics, but hopefully they can also (4-0) sweep them. That would be amazing to watch.”

The Celtics are up (3-2) against the Wizards and tonight they play again. During the regular season, Cavs won twice and lost twice to the Celtics. The Cavs won once and lost twice against the Wizards also in the regular season. Therefore, either team will be a struggle when we play them.

“The Cavs did not do their best in the regular season, especially at the end of the season. During the playoffs we see a new team. They are energetic, smart, and very persistent. They do everything in their power to beat the team they are playing against. This next team will be hard to beat but if Lebron continues to do what he has been doing, we should be good,” said Patrick Arnold (12).

The Cavs with all this rest should be able to beat this next team but the game does not end until the time runs out. This will be a very exciting series to watch and hopefully the Cavs come through and make it out on top.  

Kyrie Irving driving to paint while John Wall is defending him PHOTO BY GOOGLE

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