Cleveland Browns look to revive their franchise


With the Cleveland Browns coming out of the 2017 NFL draft with some strong players they are looking forward to starting their season on the right foot.

I personally think that this has been one of the better NFL drafts that the Browns have had in the past couple years. It seems to me that through the past couple years the Browns have been looking for quarterbacks to bring them to victory but that is not the answer to these problems.

This will review the drafts picks for the Browns in the 2017 NFL draft. In the first pick of the first round the Browns selected Myles Garrett a defensive end out of Texas A&M.

“I think that getting Myles Garrett was a great move for the Browns and I think that Garrett will produce a lot for this team in his rookie year.” Nick Lallathin explained to me.

Garrett in his college career had roughly 81 solo tackles, 60 assisted tackles, and 31 total sacks. Myles Garrett could be what the Browns need to stop our losing streak.
Later on in the draft the Browns selected Jabrill Peppers for the 25th pick of the first round. Peppers a Safety from Michigan was drafted by the Browns in need of his talents on defense. Jabrill Peppers had 86 solo tackles, and 33 assisted tackles, and 3 sacks in his college career.

The Cleveland Browns three first round picks stand up for the press after last weekends draft.

“I have faith that he will do what is needed to be done in order to have success in Cleveland.” Chase Diosy said.

Then finally, for the 29th pick later on in the first round the Browns drafted David Njoku the Tight End from Miami, Florida. Njoku has had a proficient college career at Miami. David had 64 total receptions along with 1060 Receiving Yards and 9 Touchdowns.I personally  think it was a good move to go more for a defensive approach this year in the draft with obtaining Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers and many more defensive players.


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