Kent State Golden Flashes going further than expected


The Kent State Golden Flashes had an amazing run in last year’s season. Going (22-14) in the regular season, Kent State went further than most expected. With their head coach of only six years, they went (4-0) in the first tournament but unfortunately lost (0-1) in the NCAA tournament.

Through dedication, teamwork, and hard work, Kent State got to where they needed to be. With one player averaging a double-double every game and two more close behind, the Golden Flashes made it to where they ended up. This includes: Jimmy Hall (PPG- 19.0, RPG- 10.6, APG- 2.6), Jaylin Walker (PPG- 15.8, RPG- 4.4, APG- 0.9), and Deon Edwin (PPG- 13.1, RPG- 5.5, APG- 2.4).

Liam Leonard(12), a soon to be Kent State student, said “ Kent had always and will always be my favorite college team. This year was one of the craziest seasons they’ve had, besides when they went to the Elite Eight in 2002. They have heart, passion, and the drive. That’s how I believe they did so well. I think that within the next few years, they will make it very far in the tournament.”

Jordan Frevola (12), also attending Kent next year, said “People sleep on Kent State. They have so much potential and I feel that they will show that within the next few seasons. It seems that people base their talent on how many times they’ve made it to the March Madness tournament. This year alone, Kent has upstaged many teams and made it further than they usually do.”

With the next year coming up, Kent State has the opportunity to pick up some of the best high school players. This includes Zion Williamson, Collin Sexton, Michael Porter Jr, along with many other talented players that could be vital to Kent State’s success.



   Kent State Golden Flashes clinching the MAC tournament PHOTO BY GOOGLE



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