The Grizzlies looking to finish strong


With the Wadsworth Grizzlies having a bumpy start to their season they are still looking to finish the season off strong as they clinched a spot in the first round of the playoffs.

The Wadsworth Grizzlies have had a bumpy start to their season, due to the teammates having some miscommunication out on the baseball field. The team has cleaned it all up and now they are back to playing Wadsworth Baseball again, The team has not given themselves too many days off as there is still much to improve on for them to be as successful as they can be as long as they do the little things right. The Varsity Squad has a record of (8-7) Overall and (5-6) in the Suburban League, JV (6-6) Overall and (4-4) in the Suburban League, and the Freshman with a strong record of (5-3) Overall and (9-3) in the Suburban League.

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The Grizzlies as of right now only have a few more games left of the regular season until they take on the playoffs to face the top teams in the Suburban League. Last year, they won the Suburban League and this year, they are looking to do it again. The Grizzlies only have a few more weeks before the most important games of the year in the playoffs.
“As long as we do the little things right and we play Grizzly baseball we should have no problem achieving the win.” Coach Shenker said.

This week, the Grizzlies JV Squad swept the Hudson Explorers which was a great confidence booster for them because they were (11-3) before facing the Grizzlies. On Friday, April 28, the grizzlies look to continue their win streak as they face Lake High School.

Coach Shanker stated, “Those two wins this week felt good after that strong weekend that we had against Buckeye let’s keep it going.”
There are only a few weeks left and Wadsworth High is looking to finish strong with the Suburban League title.


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