Cavaliers chances on going far in this year’s playoffs


After an amazing playoff run last year and a championship win, the Cleveland Cavaliers are in store for a repeat performance.

With a (4-0) win against the Indiana Pacers in this year’s playoff and a week of rest until the next series of games, the Cavs are locked in to go far in this year’s playoffs and a another win in the championship.

Last year’s playoffs were an ease for the Cavs. As they swept two teams, Detroit Pistons and Atlanta Hawks, and won (4-2) against Toronto Raptors. Then came back from a (3-1) deficit against the Golden State Warriors in the finals last year.

“The Cavs have grown as a team over the past two years immensely. Not only do they have the best player in the league on their team but they have some of the best shooters too. They can beat any team that they are put up against. Especially after last year’s season. I think that the Cavs will finish the playoffs strong and go to the championship again. I’m not sure if they will win this year or not because of the Golden State Warriors and their strong players.” said Reid Black (11).

“The Cavs are a super team. They have the height, the shooting, the overall skill to take down any team they need to. Their chemistry and overall knowledge of the game is higher than most. Anything is possible. I believe that they will go to the championship again and win too.” said Vincent Dejesus (9).

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been the the playoffs 21 times since 1946 and have had three finals appearances, winning only one of those, which was last year.

The Cleveland Cavaliers at home facing off against the Brooklyn Nets on January 27, 2017. PHOTO BY MATT MOORE



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