Indians start off their season right


After an exhilarating 2016 season with the Indians making their way to the World Series against the Chicago Cubs, they’re back and better than ever. Although last year the Indians ended with a crash when they lost game seven of the 2016 World Series, (8-7), they’ve started off the season right.

On April 3rd, the Indians had their first regular season game against the Texas Rangers and took the victory with a score of (8-5).  As the Indians continued to play in Texas they had started a winning streak of three games in a row beating them (8-5), (4-3), and (9-6).  As the days continued, the tribe made their way to play against Arizona on April 7th.

Coming off of their winning streak, the team sadly took a loss against Arizona with a knockout score of (7-3). After the Indians had played their next two games in Arizona, they had unfortunately lost all three with the scores of (7-3), (11-12), and (3-2).

Indians get to Gibson, beat Twins, 3-1
Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Danny Salazar (31) throws in the third inning against the Minnesota Twins on Monday, April 17, 2017 at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  PHOTO BY MCT CAMPUS

Carl Pennington (10) from Wadsworth High School, shared his predictions for the 2017 Indians season saying, “I can see the Indians just coming out on top of their division and making a huge playoff run. They might hit some roadblocks though but I think they can do it. They will get to the World Series and beat the Cubs this time in seven games.”

Throughout the month of April, the Indians have won ten out of the eighteen games so far this season.  As the Indians continue throughout the season, their chances of making it to the World Series are pretty high.


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